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Bakkwa Cookies

Sweet and savoury all at once, devour as a boost before Chinese New Year house visits. But let us warn you beforehand, Bakkwa is dangerously addictive.

S$18.80/ Jar

Charcoal Sesame Cookies

Charcoal Sesame is a dark, handsome cookie that exudes an earthy, nutty flavour. It makes a cool yet traditional cookie for the festive celebrations, because black is always a good idea.

S$14.80 / Jar

Prosperity Bundle

Perfect for the indecisive nibbler and greedy cookie addict. Our sweet-savoury Bakkwa cookies and fragrant Charcoal Sesame ones will guarantee hours and hours of merry munchin’.

S$32.80 / 2 Jars

Thai Milk Tea

Packed with a robust Ceylon tea flavour, the Thai Milk Tea cookie mimics the actual beverage – addictive, aromatic and creamy. Definitely a crowd-pleaser and definitely aroi mak mak!

S$12.90 / 200g

Gula Melaka Coconut

A midnight experiment success, these cookies are baked with gula melaka (palm sugar) and heaps of shredded coconut for a lovely local flavour.

S$12.90 / 200g

Kopi Chocolate

The perfect blend of quality coffee and tasty little morsels of Belgian chocolate chunks. Perk yourself up with a Kopi Choc cookie when you hit that midweek slump!

S$12.90 / 200g

White Choc Macadamia

An opulent combination of indulgent white chocolate morsels and macadamia nuts. Dip into milk as you curl up indoors or hand round at parties.

S$12.90 / 200g

Chocolate Chunk

Flavoured with generous chunks of Belgian chocolate. An old-fashioned favourite and indefinite crowd pleaser, this classic cookie will be a treat no matter the age or occasion. Scoff off with milk for an added ‘ooh’.

S$9.90 / 200g

Earl Grey Lavender

Infused with gourmet earl grey tea leaves, the exquisite taste of lavender blends together and creates a delicate, light and floral taste.

S$12.90 / 200g